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Leader Spotlight- Brittany Smalls

Every now and then, we cross paths with a person with whom there is an instant connection. A person who we have never met, but somehow the interaction feels very familiar. Kindred Spirit. Intertwined destinies. This was my experience in meeting Mrs. Brittany Smalls. Brittany is an author, a blogger, a mother, a wife, and a motivator. My sister has made an impression in my life, and I have a sneaky suspicion that happens with anyone she meets. Learn more about Brittany Smalls below.

PBJ: Sister, please tell the people who you are.

Brittany: I am Brittany Smalls, a former insurance agent converted to a stay-at-home mother of three, and wife of one. I am an indie author of my work in progress-Yesterday, Today, and Forever, The Sacrificial Ministry of an Intercessor. I created Tea, Not Coffee, a blog for Christian women, and for years, I have been an inspirational speaker in various church settings.

PBJ: Tell us about your leadership style.

Brittany: From previous work experience in insurance, I thrived because of interpersonal skills, which brought about opportunities to mentor other agents as a Team Lead, and aided in being recognized and awarded for outstanding service as an agent. As the wife of a minister, my understanding of being a leader has continued to evolve. I view my leadership style as diplomatic.

PBJ: What is your super power?

My awesome super-power is allowing others to be heard and offering honest feedback for growth and correction. I believe that as an adult who has experience with many natural obstacles and spiritual matters, one of the key needs that I desire to give is understanding to life. Every person is experiencing life at their pace. Many who struggle with religion and life are at that crossroad because there was no one to help them navigate the hurdles so that they could continue running a race with Christ or running toward him. I bring understanding to life through practicality and spiritual wisdom.

PBJ: Tell us about the greatest leadership lesson you have ever learned.

Brittany: The greatest lesson I’ve learned while working with others and being an influence is that listening makes more difference than lecturing. When a person is adamant about what can or can’t be done for whatever reason, it is best to listen. In listening, I have been able to hear what the motivation is behind what they are saying and address those underlying issues rather than lecturing from the surface perspective.

PBJ: Yes ma'am! A leader who knows how to give the gift of listening is a true blessing. How can our friends connect with you?

Brittany: I am available to connect via

- Facebook @brittanytheauthor

- on Instagram @mrsbrittanysmalls and via

- email at

I welcome prayer requests at my author website:

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