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Leader Spotlight- Jonquette Sanders-White

Jonquette Sanders-White is a force. She's a young woman who is wise beyond her years, influential in every circle, and impactful to everyone she encounters. Jo, as friends and family call her, has launched a successful PR firm while serving two toddlers and her husband at home while also writing her first book...doing all of the things. I have observed her stand at the height of life as well as walk through crushing tragedy. In all things, she has risen like the sun to shine through each day. It is my honor to introduce all of you to this world changer. Check out our conversation below.

PBJ: My Sister, please tell the people who you are.

Jo: Hey! I'm Jonquette Sanders-White, but many call me Jo. I am a wife to my college sweetheart and together we have two amazing sons. I attended Georgia Southern University where I earned my bachelor's and master's degree. I am founder and CEO of White Collar Marketing- a social media marketing and PR consulting company. I enjoy reading novels, drinking tea, and re-watching every episode of FixerUpper and HomeTown. I have been graced with the opportunity to travel as an inspirational speaker and has had the opportunity to speak at conferences, seminars, high-schools, universities, non-profit events, and more. 

PBJ: What impact do you have on the world?

Jo: Hmm. That's a good one. Many of us would like to put on a cape and save the world. I guess the thought of that would be good for our ego. Oftentimes, people like myself feel as if we need to do something grandiose or large-scale to make a difference. But that is not true at all. What we do in our realm of influence (family, friends, colleagues) is vital to the grand scheme of "impacting" the world. I've learned that it is not our job to save the world. Jesus did that many years ago. However, we do play a MAJOR ROLE in the story that is unfolding, through completing our MINUSCULE ASSIGNMENT in the GRAND SCHEME of God's plan. Our lives are just a piece of the puzzle. We all know that each tiny piece of the puzzle is important to make it complete. You can look at a piece of the puzzle and recognize if there is a void or piece missing. Therefore, I live my life and fulfill my purpose to ensure that I fill in the "piece '' of puzzle that I was called to fill. I am only a drop in the ocean. But as the drop, I must recognize my purpose and live that purpose. By doing that, I am impacting the world or puzzle or ocean.

PBJ: How would you describe your style of influence?

Jo: I wish I could put a "name" on my style of influence. But for lack of better words, I'd like to think that I am similar to the sun. I am a natural leader, and if I'm being honest, I love having the opportunity to shine. But my type of shine is different. I shine with the intention of bringing light to the potential and purpose of those around me. Just like the sun, who is vital to the growth of plants, I hope to attribute to the growth of those around me. I do this by being a light and leader, with hopes that it will inspire others to do the same. 

PBJ: What is the greatest leadership lesson you have ever learned?

Jo: True leaders call others to leadership. In order to truly lead, you must humble yourself to that role and ironically submit yourself to the cause of those who are following you. You must know that as long as you are breathing, there is always an opportunity to grow and learn. Majority of these lessons and opportunities of growth come from those you are leading. Most importantly, you must be okay with others coming to your aid and rescue - heroes need help too. 

PBJ: What advice would you give for people who may be searching for their significance?

Jo: Keep living. I am not the same person that I was 2 years ago. Each season brings about it a new profound level of significance. Each season of your life calls for different things for you to do. One season may call for you to plant, another wait in patience, and another gather your harvest.  For example, I am currently in a season where I am not in the public spotlight. God is grooming me at home as a mother and wife, all while running a successful business. At first it was a huge adjustment. I felt insignificant because I wasn't doing those "grandiose" things (or at least what the world says to be grandiose). However I learned that staying home with 2 toddlers, while running a business, writing a book, being a wife, and much more was grandiose in itself and is probably the most SIGNIFICANT thing that I could ever do with my life. So keep living. If you keep living, then you keep learning, and eventually you will learn that you were ALWAYS SIGNIFICANT.

PBJ: Jo, thank you for sharing this wisdom with us. How can people connect with you?

Jo: You can connect with me via

instagram at @jonquettewhite

visit my business website at

email at

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