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Fill your Cup, Recover from Burnout,&
Rekindle the Spark for your Career

Meet Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson

Burnout Recovery Coach |

Transformational Speaker | Educator

Giving successful executives & leaders the skills they need to beat burnout & love their careers again


As a leader at your school or organization, you are no stranger to the winding staircase it takes to crack the glass ceiling and get to the top where few other women can claim to have reached. You’ve given your all in the climb up, putting your blood, sweat, tears – and most importantly – your heart into everything you do.

The problem? You’ve been so busy pouring into everyone else’s cup that you have nothing left in your own.

Sure, you’re successful, accomplished, with at least a decade of experience under your belt, but all that “success” is starting to feel like it doesn’t matter.

Every morning you’re called to do your work, you’ve got nothing left to give. You’re unfulfilled, overworked, fatigued and empty inside.

Even though no one sees it – I do. Because I’ve been there.

Look, I know you’re burnt out. And at your professional level, you have no idea how to stop putting your foot on the gas pedal without completely spiraling out of control.

What you need isn’t more work. You need a mirror – so you can see how to maximize your strengths, change your internal dialogue and minimize burnout.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson, known as Dr. PBJ, and successful women like you rely on me to break their destructive cycles at work so they can finally stop burning out and start living the fulfilled personal and professional lives they deserve and desire.

Let me show you how.

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Staff Engagement and Retention

Do you see a pattern of quiet quitting from your team members?  Are your top employees considering a resignation?  Implement proven and reliable assessments for measuring the rate of burnout within your team.  Use the results to design effective ways to build engagement and a healthier work environment.

Women Colleagues

The W.E.L.:

 Women in Education Leadership 

What got you here won’t get you there. Equip yourself with actionable strategies and effective tools to thrive at work in this supportive, expert-led community for women ready to make leaps and bounds over workplace politics and get the career they deserve.

Work with me

Executive Coaching

If you’ve reached the pinnacle of success but are feeling overwhelmed, overworked and uninspired – you might be suffering from burnout. Get personalized 1:1 coaching to pinpoint the root of the problem and get back on track.

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Transformative Keynotes and Workshops

Give your employees, faculty or students the gift of a new perspective and tangible strategies to combat burnout, design their dream careers and get seen.

Feeling lost, even though you’ve been in your career for years?

Get reacquainted with what lights you up.


Your purpose is calling – will you answer?

Have a Spoonful of PBJ

Sign up for Dr. PBJ’s weekly spoonfuls of burnout-busting, career-reviving wisdom and encouragement. Every week, you’ll discover new ways to create a fulfilling career where you’ll wake up and walk in your purpose daily – all while being lifted up by a community of other unstoppable women just like you!


Meet my Burnout-Busters! Client Success


April Davis

Coaching Client

Transformative!! Patrice (PBJ) has been a tremendous blessing in my life during this challenging season in my life. My one-on-one coaching sessions with PBJ has provided a perspective that otherwise would have gone unnoticed, and the sessions have provided insight and guidance on how to propel my career/life in the direction I desire. PBJ has demonstrated immense compassion and relatability during her one-on-one coaching sessions by sharing her faith and personal experiences which correlates to aspects of my situation. Utilize all the resources PBJ has to offer such as her podcast and YouTube channel to encourage you on your journey. Invest in yourself and join the Heart Work Community to obtain support and direction for the next chapter of your life!

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