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Disrupting Burnout

Just three years ago, burnout caused me to walk away from a career I spent more than 20 years building with no idea what I would do next. 


Today I take every opportunity I can to share my remedy for burnout with others who find themselves left with nothing more to give.

Productivity and employee retention are at critically low levels because our team members do not know how to accomplish the work without sacrificing their own wellbeing.  My message is for servant leaders who struggle through cycles of overwhelm, burnout, and compassion fatigue.

Here’s the good news, Friend.  You do not have to quit the job you love. You do not have to hit rock bottom. You can disrupt cycles of burnout now so you can serve from the heart without jeopardizing your own wellbeing. 

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Recovery:  Preparing for New Normal

We are not ready for "New Normal".



Our metaphorical houses have been blown down. Our cities are underwater and our souls are tired.  Everything we knew to be true came to a grinding halt. We have spent the last two years living differently, working differently, and literally fearing for our lives and for the ones we love.

How do we find normal now?

RECOVERY is a critical stage of crisis response that ensures a safe return to a state of normal.  Marrying my research in this subject with more than 20 years of professional experience in crisis response in educational settings, we will discuss the dynamics of recovery and how these necessary steps apply to the current state of your school(s).


We will navigate what recovery means for your faculty and staff, students, parents, and alumni. 

We will also consider what recovery means for the educational mission and your daily work. 


As a result of this session, you will be prepared to plan efficiently for the journey to "new normal".  

* This session may be packaged with consultant services which include support in developing a recovery plan for your organization.

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Leading with Civility

The “Leading with Civility” presentation is impactful through its simplicity, life-changing in its practicality, and timely for contemporary culture. This presentation will call each participant to accountability to the impact they bring to your organization.  Each participant will be challenged to assess their words and personal perspectives in order to build a more caring and compassionate work culture.  This message will encourage introspection and foster connections within your community.

Available to serve as:

Conference Keynote
Corporate Trainer
Breakout Session Speaker

What our clients say-

Rev. Jonathan Fuller
Virginia Commonwealth University

Who I work with:

Keynote Speeches:
Workshops and Training:
  • Georgia Southern University

  • Virginia Commonwealth University

  • College of Wooster

  • Southeastern Association of Housing Officers

  • Georgia Housing Officers

  • Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry

  • South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics

  • The Association of Graduate and Professional Administrators at The Ohio State University

  • Texas Academic Advising Network

  • University of Kentucky

  • Stanford University

  • Idaho State University

  • University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

  • University of North Carolina- Greensboro

  • New Teacher Center

  • Savannah Chatham County Public School System

  • Augusta University

  • North Carolina A&T University

  • Emory University Hospital

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